Chan's Building Contest Explanation:

Hello everyone! I am hosting weekly housing build competitions live on Twitch every Friday!

Viewers of the stream will be able to visit my housing using '/visit Chandoggie' in a housing lobby.

Each round, viewers will be able to vote off a builder using a poll in Twitch chat.

Below you will find a list of contestant who are participating! You'll also find a list of previous winners!

If you'd like to build and try your hand at winning, check out the "How to Apply" section to fill an [OPEN] slot!
[SUB SPOT]'s are only available to Twitch subscribers!

How To Apply:

If you'd like to participate in the contest, you can apply in the '#building-contest' channel of my Discord!

The opening of applications will be announced Wednesday/Thursday before the event to give ample time to apply!

The event lasts upwards of 2 hours starting at 7PM EST. So please only apply if you have the time allotted.

[SUB SPOT]'s are only available to Twitch subscribers while [OPEN] slots are for anyone!

Furthermore, any and all abuse will result in a ban from both my stream & housing plot.

Lastly, the previous top three builders will need to wait a week before reapplying.

Competition Rules:

We have implimented a few rules to make the competitions as fair as possible.
Our current rules are listed below:

1. Votes should be cast solely for the builds themselves.

2. Votes should be cast fairly regardless of the current vote count.
(No intentionally tying)

3. Voting will take place through channel points:

Vote to Eliminate
Round 1 - Round 6
Vote to Win
Round 7

Voting will be explained throughout the stream as the contest progresses.

4. You may only vote ONCE per round. Voting twice or more will result in all your votes being removed.

5. Contestants are NOT ALLOWED to vote in ANY round.
Doing so will result in a disqualification.

6. Participants will be given a 10 minute buffer to arrive at the competition housing when the stream begins.
Otherwise a new contestant will be chosen & they will be restricted from applying in the following competition.

Previous Winners!
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Meet the Contestants:

Here are the contestants for our next contest on:

This list will be updated during & after the event to reflect a contestants position.

Usernames & Faces link to

Check out the "How to Apply" section if you'd like to participate and fill an [OPEN] slot!

Questions or Suggestions?

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know in my Discord!